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EnANPAD 2020

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Organizational Capabilities Toward Customer Centric Experiences


Código: MKT2533
Divisão: MKT - Marketing
Tema de Interesse: Tema 09 - Customer Centricity


Patricia Silva Monteiro Boaventura (Mestr e Dout em Admin de Empresas /FGV/EAESP - Fundação Getulio Vargas/Esc de Admin de Empresas de São Paulo)


This study explores what are the main capabilities organizations need to develop to be able to adopt a strategy focused on customer centric experiences. We interviewed top managers of organizations of diverse industries, including a consulting company, and investigated what they understand by customer centric experience, how their organizations are structured to offer this kind of experience and what are the challenges they have faced. We identified that organizations that want to promote customer centric experiences must reflect this mindset in the organizational culture and strategic decisions. But, to be able to achieve the expected results, they need to develop dynamic capabilities that allow them to be connected with the network, able to rapidly adapt and change. They need to share customer information real time along departments; to organize in flexible multidisciplinary teams; to involve supply chain actors in a customer centric mindset; to monitor ?personas? in a dynamic and iterative process; and to follow metrics that are able to collect customers? feedback on the experience.

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